Sperry Tents are an elegant and unique alternative to a traditional marquee, creating a signature look for your special event.


Our range of Sperry Tents are handcrafted in the USA with a stunning sailcloth canvas, beautiful geometric detailing and natural wooden poles. The tents all have a high canopy, creating an airy ambience and keeping the area underneath cool.


The Sperry Tents provide a subtle yet beautiful blank canvas for our clients to style and create their own unique event.


At Sperry Tents Melbourne, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality tents to suit a number of outdoor events looking for something elegant, unique and special.

Also available is a Sail Connector which allows you to seamlessly link 2 different Sperry structures together.

Oyster Tent

Seating capacities vary as some events require space for items such as a dance floor, buffet tables, or bars.

See F L O O R P L A N S page for ideas & tent capacities to help you plan your own wedding or event.

Round Tent

Our 10m Round Tent accommodates up to 80 standing guests or 40 seated.

 This tent is often used for smaller dinner parties, cocktail parties or barbecues, or as a utility tent for larger events.

Size : 10m

Capacity : 40 - 80 guests

Sail Connector

Size : 5 metre

Clear Walls

Attractive weather proof walls can be added to your tents for weather protection & unpredicatble weather changes.

Walls easily roll away when the sun starts to shine.

The 14 x 26 metre tent can accommodate up to 200 guests seated on 2m long tables of 8 or up to 250 guests for non-seated events.

Available from August 2018.

Size : 14 x 26

Capacity : 120 - 250 guests

The 10 x 22 metre tent can accommodate up to 160 guests seated on 2m long tables of 8 or up to 200 guests for non-seated events.

Size : 10 x 22

Capacity : 96 - 200 guests

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Oyster Tent with Clear Walls

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