In 1979, sailmaker Steve Sperry built the first Sperry Tent using his fabric design skills and the materials available in his sail loft, Sperry Sails. Little did he know that this prototype would evolve into a full line of rental tents whose look and feel would create an international revolution in event tents.

Sperry Tents Melbourne is part of an exclusive network of Sperry Tent providers in Australia. Our small family-run business prides itself on delivering high quality outdoor events with the same care and attention to detail that goes into the creation of our beautiful sailcloth tents by the Sperry family in Massachusetts, USA.

The source of our signature tapered spruce poles.

Sawmill blade closeup.

Matt Sperry, president of sister company Sperry Fabric Architecture, designs Sperry Tents and oversees their specs and manufacturing.

The Sperry Fabric Architecture barn in Rochester, MA, features an open loft floor and was sustainably constructed from locally sourced pine and super insulated panels.

Hand stitching by trained craftsmen is the hallmark of an authentic Sperry Tent.

The Sperry family’s sailmaking heritage is evident in every tent detail, like this perimeter patch.

Our authentic, translucent sailcloth canopies allow sunlight in during the day …and give off an illuminated glow at night.

The first-ever Sperry Tent 1979, designed and built by Steve Sperry.